The 6 Best Restaurants on Hollywood Boulevard

Savory Pie

The Culture Trip:
By Alina Vasilenko

Hidden among the iconic Hollywood landmarks of Hollywood Boulevard are a handful of excellent restaurants. As you make your way down one of LA’s most famous streets, these are the eateries you won’t want to miss.

Unsurprisingly, pies are the specialty at this quaint nook on Hollywood Boulevard. There are classic pies, like banana cream and apple crumble, along with inventive, seasonal pies like maple custard and the Cereal Killer, a cheesecake pie dusted with Froot Loops, Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes. There are savory pies, too, like Shepherd’s pie, mac n’ cheese pie, and even a Turkey pie for the holidays, complete with stuffing. Wash it all down with an organic coffee or tea and stay for a while — the relaxed atmosphere is perfect for laptops and long conversations with friends.