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Built to Last

It’s Simple: Success Leaves Clues

Why Hire King Street Consultants?

The surest way to go from a couple of locations to a couple hundred locations is with a team of people who have already done it successfully. Most small brands can’t afford really experienced C-level leadership, but they can afford a fraction of their time.

We want to help you find the best possible people possible, not just the best that you can afford. King Street Strategic Management Consultants are highly experienced, seasoned Industry professionals available to you on a fractional basis to suit your budget and help with operations, training, real estate, marketing, technology, human resources, construction, brand development, communication, public relations, operating systems, recruiting, team building, complete franchise support, and the list goes on.

King Street offers a complete solution for all of these channels at a fraction of conventional c-level costs. Brands that need experienced leadership and guidance cannot afford top-level executives in conventional roles, but it is essential to have this leadership. This is where King Street is the most effective and viable option. This is what we call “fractional c-level support”.

King Street provides complete c-level solutions with a perfect fit of support within the operating budget of any size brand(s). Our executive team has played essential roles in successfully scaling the following brands including Five Guys, The Halal Guys, California Tortilla, Mamoun’s Falafel, and Ike’s Love and Sandwiches.

Let King Street Consultants help you build and manage your business, at a cost you can afford.

Who We Are

Mauricio Romero

Co-Founder & Partner at King Street Consultants

Hands-on, results-oriented leader with a 33+ year career success track in restaurant operations at the Divisional VP, and Franchise Operations at the DVP. Mauricio is accomplished in all aspects of organizational growth and development. His key strengths include accountability, business results, high personal motivation, and people development. Mauricio is also a bilingual English/Spanish business executive.

“I am a driven, passionate leader, who loves to take a group of people and make them into a successful, motivated team. I try to create healthy competition between my team members by leveraging their pride and their desire to be #1. I hold myself highly accountable for my results, and I understand the importance of holding my team accountable. I understand the importance of communicating the reasons WHY its important for a team to achieve the organization’s priorities. I believe frequent feedback and honest communication is essential in developing people.”

Scott Goodrich

Co-Founder & Partner at King Street Consultants

Scott Goodrich brings over 20 years of operational excellence to his restaurant consulting practice and current position as acting COO for the Stacked Pickle. In his prior roles as VP of Franchise Operations and COO, Scott was a key architect behind the successful and massive growth of the Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Uncle Maddie’s Pizza franchises. His development, delivery, and implementation of leading-edge operational processes and training, combined with his ability to build “business partner” relationships with franchisees were the methods he used to create the Five Guys Business Consultant Program that helped advance the Five Guys organization globally.

Scott began his management career with United Airlines as part of the airport operations team and later was then selected as Manager of Operations for the Dulles Airport Control Center. The nine years that Scott spent in the transportation industry provided exceptional skills in both logistical and high stakes operational planning, building effective teams, delivering operational and prime cost efficiencies, P&L management, and generating thriving and sustainable growth are all hallmarks of his successful career.

Jessica Ordona

Restaurant Development & Retail Specialist

Jessica Ordona is a commercial real estate specialist with over a decade of expertise in global restaurant development for both franchise and private firms. She is passionate about helping brands achieve optimal unit growth and profitability through investing in the creation and implementation of the real estate development process.

Over the last seven years, Jessica played a key role in the execution of developing 120+ stores annually for Panda Restaurant Group, a family-owned & operated $2+, billion-dollar category leader.

Jessica joins the team to serve as an alternative to an in-house real estate department and can assist you in implementing a well-calculated, cohesive real estate strategy for your brand as you continue to grow and franchise. She can be your brand’s real estate advocate and leader guiding franchisees to make the right decisions as you navigate the store strategy and development process.

“Thanks to my experience at Panda Express, I recognize & appreciate the importance of selecting A+ real estate. The locations you choose for your brand serve as the foundation for your business and future success (or lack thereof). In today’s competitive and ever-evolving restaurant marketplace it is vital to make choices that are based on facts, specific site characteristics, and real-time data to ensure ideal results for your brand. I am excited to share my knowledge with brands to help them source, evaluate and obtain the best real estate locations within a market so that they are able to achieve optimal market penetration for their growing brand in a mindful manner.”