2020 Vision: The Franchise Brands to Keep an Eye On

As we enter a brand-new decade, these are the movers and shakers
that savvy entrepreneurs from all industries should know


This brand was one of several of Fransmart’s new partnerships last year, and stood out with its strong Latin American roots and family-oriented origins. Making a name for itself in LA since 2008, Cook’s Tortas closed out 2019 with one goal in mind: to bring premium Mexican cuisine to a wider audience. “We don’t just make tortas,” explains Elyan Zamora, CEO. “We make gourmet Mexican sandwiches, so quality is paramount! Cook’s Tortas offers a diverse torta menu. There is truly something for everyone, making us readily available and open to the entire world.” The brand may only have a small footprint for now, but the endless online buzz is a testament to its lasting appeal. 2020 could be the year that the torta becomes a household delicacy.