7 Healthy Restaurants in Toronto That Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Customer drinking a latte along the mural wall outside Calii Love

by Chloe Wilde

Hey there, fit babes!

Did you know that eating HEALTHY doesn’t just mean eating meal preps out of storage containers!?

That’s right!
It’s 100% possible to eat for your BODY & GOALS – just by choosing the
right restaurants, knowing which items on the menu will nourish you most, and
practicing a liiiiitle bit of portion control. (And, if that’s not good news
this summer – I don’t know what is!)

So, if you’re like me LOVE to try all the new, trendy & delicious restaurants in Toronto;
but you also have GOALS and still want to look and feel your best after your
meal, I’ve put together a quick lil’ list of seven restaurants around Toronto
that I love to visit whenever I want something I KNOW will be super yummy, but
also won’t make me feel guilty afterwards. 😉

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or a mainstream omnivore (like myself!), this list has my
top dish picks for any diet type. Plus, I’ve also included some of my favourite
grab & go snacks for when you just want something small to tide you over.
That way, you can find something that suits YOU and your preferences – no
matter where you go!

So, without further ado…. here are my favourite healthy restaurants in Toronto that will
help you reach your fitness and health goals, WITHOUT needing to do all the
prep work. (You can thank me later!)


From smoothie bowls to poké bowls to everything in between, Calii Love seriously brings that bright, California sunshine and fruity & flavourful island vibe to Toronto through all of the fresh, healthy and sustainable menu picks they provide at their restaurant. You can really tell that the brand as a whole has a deep respect for the quality of their ingredients, the places they come from, and (obviously) the people coming to eat them!

The best part? They’re also so much more than a place that just serves healthy eats.

From having their own operational yoga studio above their flagship location, to
developing health & wellness corporate packages (including nutrition
presentations, hands-on nutrition workshops, yoga classes and meditation
classes) that can be shared alongside their healthy catering, Calii Love is ALL
about offering more than
just healthy and sustainable food. They’re also dedicated to sharing the Calii
Love lifestyle in all its entirety!