Cook's Tortas Sandwiches

Torta is the new taco, and THE next big thing in Mexican fast casual,
a proven business model + an untapped market = franchisee success

Cook's Tortas Sandwiches

2008 / Fast Casual – “torta is the new taco”

Cook's Tortas Cook

Dine-in, Carry-out, Catering / Lunch, Dinner

Cook's Tortas Salads

1,500 – 2,000 sq. ft. / 10am – 9pm daily

Our Story

In 2008, the charismatic Elyan Zamora, her vibrant mother Elvira, and her famous father, Latin music icon and actor Antonio Zamora, founded Cook’s Tortas in Los Angeles with the dream of introducing tortas to the city’s diverse community.

The concept skyrocketed to success almost instantly with just about every foodie article and blog in Southern California covering the fast casual brand’s popularity and habit-forming food, while appreciative Mexican food fans began craving the “Torta Is The New Taco” options. With this surge of hungry and dedicated patrons, Elyan’s Zamora’s husband, Latin Grammy award winner Edgar Cortazar, came on board to help facilitate the Cook’s Tortas dream of expanding worldwide.

Cook’s Tortas achieves their daily goal of making people happy with their food by offering over 60 delicious tortas, made from their authentic mexican tortas recipes, to a wide range of customers. People of all ages and ethnicities regularly visit the restaurant to smell the fresh bread lovingly made by hand every day from a proprietary recipe, enjoy the unique selection of delectable sandwiches, and choose from a versatile collection of side dishes, generous salads, and fun, refreshing drinks.

“Tortas are a very special yet accessible food option in Mexico, yet in America it’s a unique option that isn’t available on every corner, say Elyan. Cook’s Tortas allows us to bring fresh, flavorful and authentic Mexican food to every community. We love to make our customers feel like it’s “home” every time they visit.”

Elyan Zamora

Elyan Zamora
Founder, CEO
Cook’s Tortas

Franchise Advantage

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Experienced multi-unit investors identified tortas as the next big thing for fast casual Mexican – Cook’s Tortas is positioned to lead this fast-growing market segment

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Trend-setting concept means perfect fit for prime real estate & flexible conversion options from 1,500 to 2,000 sq.ft.

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The unique & in-demand authentic mexican tortas bread is made from scratch daily from a proprietary recipe, & fresh menu & drink ingredients are sourced from local suppliers

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Long lines of loyal fans daily & strong brand support of local community organizations, departments, & large companies

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Economical franchise investment & provides franchisees with all the resources and support necessary to continually succeed and grow

The Numbers

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Multiple Storefronts


Full deposit 1-3 units (or 1-5 for 10+ units), 50% deposit each additional unit

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6% of Gross Sales

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2% of Gross Sales

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1% of Gross Sales

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$260,500 to $711,500

Target Franchisee

We’re looking for experienced restaurant franchisees and qualified investors to help us grow the Cook’s Tortas brand across the country. Prospective franchisees must be hands-on in the operations of their fast casual Mexican restaurants and adhere to Cook’s Tortas’ organizational structure requirements and brand guidelines.

Franchise Requirements

Operational experience in the restaurant business is a plus, but not required assuming a professional General Manager will be part of your team. Prospective Franchisees must meet the minimum requirements below to be consider for a Cook’s Tortas franchise.

  • $1MM net worth*
  • $500K capital available for investment*
  • Ready to begin development within the next 3-6 months
  • Ready to develop a minimum 5-unit territory in a major U.S. area

*Investment partners may contribute to this requirement

Franchise Support

Cook’s Tortas is committed to ensuring impeccable operations. We provide our franchise partners with the all the resources and support necessary to continually succeed and grow.

Support provided to franchisees includes:

  • Real Estate, site selection
  • Store build-out, construction
  • Training systems
  • Operational support
  • Recipe & menu development
  • Marketing & brand building
  • Vendor & equipment selection
  • Business consulting
  • Pre-opening, grand opening support

Quotable Quotes

“Cook’s Tortas is located in Monterey Park and has created the tastiest tortas right here in L.A. A torta is a Mexican sandwich with anything you want thrown into it, and Cook’s Tortas doesn’t mess around. They have a giant menu board that is constantly changing and there are sandwiches for everyone. They make everything in-house, including their bread. The line can sometimes be out the door, but it’s so worth the wait!”

Eye on L.A.

“Tortas to die for” are the thing at Cook’s Tortas in Monterey Park famed for its “phenomenal”, “daily changing” array of eats crafted with “innovative” ingredients on “insane” “fresh-baked” bread; the casual deli-style setup gets “crazy crowded” at lunch, but pricing is affordable and “fantastic” house-made aguas frescas sweeten the deal.


“Where I think Cook’s has succeeded the most is upgrading a classic Mexican sandwich while keeping prices down and flavors accessible to the general public. This success is apparent in the never-ending lunch lines at the restaurant, the crowd a mix of East LA College students, neighboring firefighters & police, office workers, and adventurous foodies. Cook’s menu features over 20 rotating varieties of tortas, each one with a unique flavor profile. The best part of the torta to me, however, was the bread –made fresh in-house everyday.”

The Unpaid Gourmet

“Cook’s Tortas in Monterey Park focuses on quality sandwiches. The philosophy at Cook’s Tortas in Monterey Park is that quality bread sets the tone for a quality sandwich. Customers flock for the sourdough ciabatta bread and also what’s inside of it. The giant menu board at Cook’s Tortas is the beginning of a world tour for taste buds. There are Spanish recipes, Argentinian recipes and Mexican recipes when it comes to the different types of tortas.”

Vista L.A.

“Once overshadowed by the holy trinity of tacos, burritos, and quesadilla, the torta has long been the stepchild of street-corner Mexican fare, considered a mere sandwich-too bready, too mayonnaise-y to gain a large following. At Cook’s Tortas sandwich shop, the torta is treated to a gourmet makeover: From the slow-roasted pork and Spanish cod to the wood-fired rolls and daily aguas frescas, everything is deliciously fresh and homemade!”

Los Angeles Magazine

“Confronted immediately by a massive blackboard menu that covers an entire wall, you’re guaranteed to grow more intrigued — and hungry. Cook’s Tortas boasts extraordinary variety. Like Heraclitus and his river, you could revisit Cook’s and never eat the same torta twice. Each torta at Cook’s is served on a proprietary rectangular bun with a nice crust on the outside and a soft, chewy center. One of the pleasures of Cook’s is choosing for yourself, what goes inside!”

L.A. Weekly

Cook’s Tortas News


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